About Us

What is the MVS?

  • We are a recognised national maritime training organisation.
  • We are a uniformed body of volunteers with more than 30 units around the country.
  • We are organised nationally into units and regions.
  • We have a grade structure based upon the individual member’s achievements and skills.
  • We operate as a registered charity.

What does the MVS do?

  • We have training units at ports around the UK's coast.
  • We operate and maintain RIBs, launches and other training vessels.
  • We provide skilled support for local maritime organisations and events.
  • We serve the local community in times of need or emergency.
  • We take part in emergency planning exercises ashore and afloat.

What will the MVS do for me?

  • We can train you to nationally and internationally recognised standards.
  • We offer you the chance to take part in unique activities and experiences.
  • We offer training not easily found at a price you can afford.
  • We offer you a worthwhile hobby that can help your working life.
  • We offer you fun and excitement.

What can I do for the MVS?

  • Help to manage the service.
  • Become an instructor to pass on valuable maritime skills and knowledge.
  • Support your local MVS Unit with public relations and fund raising activities.
  • Encourage others to become involved.